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Advantages of finding talents

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    Staff renewal
    If you have a long-established team and need to bring new thoughts, ideas, working heads and hands to the company, we will help in this.
  • 2
    The opportunity to grow their specialists
    With the help of unique tasks and techniques, we will select the most suitable candidates from which you can grow specialists.
  • 3
    Improving the image
    We bring your values ​​to potential applicants, increasing brand loyalty and interest in working for your company.
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Natalya Mishhenko
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How do we find talents

Attracting candidates

Maximum outreach to target candidates due to:
  • Targeted ads on social media
  • Outdoor advertisement
  • Thematic meetings with students in the 10 best universities of Ukraine
  • Own database of candidates - more than 200 thousand resumes
  • Search by job sites and recommendations

Basic screening of candidates

> 50 Candidates for one position

To identify the necessary competencies, exercises are conducted in groups, according to the results of which some of the applicants are eliminated.

Candidate assessment

We select the best candidates from among the interviewers due to:
  • Personal interview with our experts
  • Carrying out a test
  • Unique methods in candidates evaluation

The right candidates

Young talents with an exciting potential to grow!
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