Outsourcing representative offices 

Package of services for the organization and management of a foreign representative office in Ukraine.


Smart Solutions is the leading provider of outsourcing services and human resource management since 2009.

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The benefits of outsourcing for a foreign representative office

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    Enter a new market without having to establish a legal entity
    Outsourcing of a representative office allows foreign companies in Ukraine to test expediency of investments without actually entering the market and with minimal costs.
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    Build a local team from scratch within a short time
    Within a short time, Smart Solutions will form or lease out staff suitable for ensuring activities of a foreign representative office.
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    Full support
    Smart Solutions has all necessary resources to provide full support to foreign clients, from renting an office to HR management and legal assistance.
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Smart Solutions services

Representation outsourcing services allow foreign companies to open and maintain a full-fledged office in Ukraine quickly and without legal trouble. Smart Solutions will take over all administrative issues, leaving clients to focus on core business tasks.

Preparation of documents

Office Services

Rental and full maintenance of an office, provision of necessary equipment.

Preparation of documents


Finding and hiring employees, management of human resources documentation, payroll calculation and payment.

Preparation of documents

Contract management

Updating of bank details, contract administration, including assessment of the contract performance quality.

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