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Smart Solutions is expert in counselling on and assisting with career development of employees being made redundant.

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The advantages of outplacement

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    Cost reduction
    Outplacement allows you to reduce costs through the absence of legal proceedings, extra social payments, and other problems associated with dismissals.
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    Saving trade secret disclosures
    Благодаря аутплейсменту сокращенные сотрудники остаются довольными и лояльными к компании и не склонны к разглашению коммерческой тайны или любой другой информации, которую не должны знать конкуренты.
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    Saving a company’s image
    Keeping staff loyalty from both the employees made redundant and retained employees. Creating a positive image of your company as that taking good care of its employees even in reorganization or liquidation.
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Outplacement is used where dismissal is caused by the company’s reorganization, liquidation, or staff reduction, and does not result from employees’ failure to perform their duties.

Preparation of documents

Information support

Assistance to employees in preparing a job search strategy, an action plan, as well as effective methods to monitor vacancies.

Preparation of documents

Psychological support

Evaluation of the candidate’s personality profile, determination of his or her potential, assistance at any stage of employment and adaptation.

Preparation of documents

Promoting candidates on the job market

Analysis of the employee’s professionalism, training in writing a CV and a covering letter, passing job interviews.

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