Accounting services for FLP from the leading HR-provider in Ukraine.

Not just passing reports

Maintaining FLP from Smart Solutions is not just about delivering reports on time. This is the creation of a turnkey system of relationships within the team and the maintenance of the official work of the company. We do everything exclusively within the framework of the law, but with the maximum observance of the interests of business.

  • ФЛП внутри команды
    We help select and adjust the optimal scheme of the work of the individual entrepreneur within the team. We gain an understanding of the unique features of each company.
  • бухгалтерское сопровождение
    We support a company working legitimately,carry out personnel administration and accounting support.
  • инструктажи и ролевые игры
    We minimize the risks of labor relations recognition. We provide briefings and role play on how to handle behavior in non-standard or abnormal situations.

we work by law

Typical fines for non-execution of employees by law
By delegating the management of your team to Smart Solutions, you receive an effective system of relationships that fully comply with the law.
  • we minimize the risks of recognition of relations as labor
  • we do everything according to the law, but with the interests of business
  • we bear financial responsibility

Advantages of working with Smart Solutions

  • 1
    Stability of a large company
    Our main specialization is the outsourcing of business processes for branches of international companies in Ukraine. We are sufficiently developed and financially stable to guarantee a high quality of services.
  • 2
    More reliable freelancers
    Many accountants, freelancers do not understand the specifics of IT companies and, in the case of fines, can simply wash their hands, revealing confidential information about your company
  • 3
    Cheaper than a full-time specialist
    Provided that the number of employees is 5 or more, Smart Solutions services cost less than full-time specialists.
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Для команд
For teams only planning to work as individual entrepreneur

We will build a turnkey system of relations between FLP within the company so as to minimize the risk of their recognition as labor.

  • Consultation on the selection of the optimal scheme of work taking into account the specifics of your company
  • Registration of FLP and taxation in any city of Ukraine
  • Preparation of contract templates for the relationship between the FLP within the team
  • Briefing: how to behave and what to say in abnormal situations.
Для команд
For teams already working as an individual entrepreneur

We will conduct an audit and evaluate existing risks. We provide the most comfortable transition to our service for all team members.

  • Audit of the quality of servicing of FLP by the previous contractor
  • Restoring lost documentation, solving problems with taxation
  • Assessment of the risks of recognizing the relationship between the FOP within the workforce.
  • Briefing: how to behave and what to say in abnormal situations.

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Работаю с компанией Смарт-Солюшнс уже несколько лет

Я работаю с компанией Смарт-Солюшнс уже несколько лет. Качеством их услуг очень доволен, причем во всех отношениях — грамотное ведение моих дел, великолепная и быстрая коммуникация, своевременное закрытие кварталов, а также подробные и понятные консультации, и нотификации о событиях и изменениях, вобщем замечательные бухгалтеры и менеджмент. Планирую и в дальнейшем пользоваться услугами Смарт-Солюшнс, и, конечно, рекомендую

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Пользуюсь услугами с начала этого года. Пока никаких нареканий вообще нет. Уведомления об уплате налогов высылают вовремя. Фидбеки на все вопросы были получены. Могу рекомендовать.

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