Soсial seller, Sales manager


  • Let's teach how to sell snow to penguins. The main thing - the desire to earn in sales;
  • With us you will understand that selling is such a lifestyle.
  • It is not necessary to ring a cold base or scare people with your obsession in the streets. You can sell in an informal setting, using simple recommendations for a cup of tea or coffee (and the company is willing to pay money for this).
We offer:

  • payment from 13000 UAH / month, we want to pay you more for good results;
  • career opportunities are not limited, but depend only on you;
  • team buildings, seminars, lectures and other things that will help you become a Wolf from Wall Street in this area.
We definitely do not work together:

  • if you want to sit in the office all day;
  • if you want a bid of $ 1,000,000 - we will pay for the result, we do not encourage loafers;
  • if you do not know what you want and want to be offered to you, but you cannot offer anything yourself.
If you are open, sociable and without stereotypical thinking - drop your resume on mail or call 0504109461Tatyana