Category D bus driver (Tallinn, Estonia)

We need:

  • a service person who will never be a naughty client and will drive according to the rules of the road;
  • civilized and educated person, without bad habits;
  • driver of category D (preferably with minimal experience, better - from 2 years and certainly - without incident;));
  • one that is ready to develop (if you know English / Estonian or are ready to learn - it will be possible to go on business trips to Scandinavia and earn more, and at the same time also look at the fjords, see the indescribable beauty with your own eyes);
  • confident navigator users))
  • just a good and responsible person with the desire to move to another country and open a new world.

Also, in order to get started, you need to get the code 95 (Estonian, other options are not suitable). In order to undergo accelerated training on code 95, you need category D rights obtained before 2008. If you got the rights after - we can also consider your candidacy, but then on arrival in Tallinn you will attend courses for a month, without the opportunity to work. The company can compensate for the costs of code 95, but with compensation from the salary (we agree on the number of payments).

We offer:

  • official employment (we help with registration: we need a work permit, which is done online and a card at the bank upon arrival);
  • we draw up a contract for 365 days (under the law, you can’t stay in the country longer, but the opportunity to continue cooperation will be after returning from Ukraine);
  • We plan the schedule for a month (there are shifts from 4, from 6, from 8 am to 00:00 maximum), 12 hours 2/2 or 3/2), processing within the limits of the legislation and only at will;
  • salaries from 1200 euros and above;
  • with knowledge of English (spoken) - the possibility of business trips to Scandinavia (salary with business trips - an average of 2500 euros);
  • the first 2 weeks we pay for accommodation, then - at your expense (3-room apartment 300-400 euros per month, you can rent with other employees, we compensate 50% of the cost of housing).

If this vacancy is exactly what you were looking for, call 0504109461 (Tatyana) or send a response to the vacancy.


! Important: interviews are held in Kiev

Paperwork takes 2-3 months (work permit from the Estonian Police, work visa).


You can also ask questions by phone:

0504109461 Tatyana