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Smart Solutions is a leader by the size of the customer portfolio and the number of outstaffed employees, through continuous innovation.

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The innovation — Smart Outstaffing Tool (SOT)

Smart Outstaffing Tool integrates all business processes outstaffing services into a single, simple online system
SOT integrates all business processes outstaffing services into one simple online system.
  • All workflow is structured and accessible in one place.
  • Online support.
  • Quick access to any information, reports, and statements for clients and employees.
  • Time saving.


Quick online access to any financial information and reports. Full control over activities of contractors and staff employees.

It reduces the time necessary to manage outstaffed employees and helps remember all tasks. It stores all necessary correspondence and documentation in one place.

Easy document management

Classical document flow

Classical document flow in outstaffing services involves heavy email traffic between the contractor and the client's employees.

Smart Outstaffing Tool

Smart Outstaffing Tool (SOT) offers a completely new approach, allowing to easily and conveniently record, store and systemize any documentation.

Getting tasks done faster

Time saving
30 employees outstaffed on average per year

Clients that have moved their business into Smart Solutions service, recognise that handling outstaffing processes through Smart Outstaffing Tool really saves their time.

Take advantage of SOT

Discover how Smart Outstaffing Tool helps you organize outsourcing services to your purposes.

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